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Students must successfully earn a minimum of 24 credits to graduate from high school in Utah. 

The course credits required to graduate include:

  • Language Arts: 4 credits (English 9, 10, 11, & 12 – 1.0 credit each)

  • Math: 3 credits (Secondary Math 1, 2, & 3 - 1.0 credit each)

  • Science: 3 credits (Biology, Earth Science, and another Science course approved by the state - 1.0 credit each)

  • Social Studies: 3.5 credits (World Geography - 0.5 credit, World History: -1.0 credit, American Government - 1.0 credit, and U.S. History - 1.0 credit)

  • Health: 1 credit

  • Physical Education: 1 credit (P.E. - 0.5 credit & Personal Fitness - 0.5 credit)

  • Technology: 0.5 credit

  • Fine Arts: 1.5 credits (Visual, Performing or Applied Arts. Foreign language does not qualify for this credit; foreign language only counts toward elective credit.)

  • Career & Technical Education (CTE): 1.0 credit (College Prep with ACT - required for all 11th graders - 0.5 credits)

  • Financial Literacy (also know as Personal Finance): 0.5 credit

  • Additional Electives: 5.0 credits

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Navigating the Financial Aid Process:

Relieve some financial stress by learning about the financial aid process, including timelines and major action points, as well as how to find a wealth of information from the federal government’s Federal Student Aid website. While the FAFSA offers helpful hints and tips as students and parents complete the process, there are still some common mistakes that can be made. 


Click here to watch a presentation all about the financial aid process! 

UCA will host a Fafsa Night in January.  


We Need Your Graduation Information

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A Sterling Scholar is a high school senior who is publicly recognized and awarded for the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship in the State of Utah. A potential Sterling Scholar presents an all-encompassing portfolio on their work in a specific category and is interviewed by judges in the category’s field at various times. Sterling Scholars are awarded at the high school, semi-final and finals levels. Information will be sent out via webmail in the fall to those seniors who qualify.


Portrait of a Graduate

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