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Welcome to 11th grade!


High School students will take the ACT in their 3rd year of high school.  It is paid for by the state and locations will announced in the spring.  Locations will be close to where you live.  ACT Prep is a course for 11th grade students in the fall and Live Lessons will be held in the months leading up to the ACT to help students prepare.  Click on the picture at the right for more information.

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At Utah Connections Academy (UCA), students need to earn 24 credits and pass the Civics test to graduate.  The 24 credits need to be earned in the following areas:

  • 4.0 credits of English

  • 3.0 credits of Mathematics (must include Secondary Math I, II & III)

  • 3.0 credits of Science (must include 2 core science and 1 elective science)

  • 3.0 credits of Social Studies (must include Geography, World and U.S. History, and Government)

  • 1.0 credit Health

  • 1.0 credit Physical Education and Personal Fitness

  • .5 credit Technology

  • .5 Financial Literacy

  • 1.5 credits Fine Arts

  • 1.0 credit CTE (Career & Technical Education)

  • 5.5 credits additional courses in any subject

  • 24 Total Credits

High School Opportunities


Plan Now For College


Expected State and School Testing


State Testing: 

11th grade students can expect to take the ACT test in the spring.  This test will help prepare students for the college placement and post-secondary plans.  It contains questions in each of the following areas: Reading, English, Math and Science.


School Testing: 

UCA uses iReady as a formative assessment three times a year.  Students are tested in the areas of reading and math at the beginning, middle and end of year to give teachers an idea of their strengths and weaknesses in these subjects and to monitor growth.

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