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A good habit for Learning Coaches to have is to plan out the day and/or week before sitting down with your student(s) at the computer. Work with your student(s) to come up with a game plan for each day. Be sure to take into account any scheduled teacher meetings and/or LiveLessons®. We always suggest building in snack & meal breaks, too. This planning is especially important if you're working with only one computer but have more than one student. Try and setup your student(s) with a plan for the day that includes when they should complete their online & offline work. It is required that all lessons on the planner are completed daily.

Only run the scheduler when it is red, with the help of the Homeroom teacher, Advisory teacher or the Family Community Coordinator.

Review the Planner
It is a good idea to look at the planner at the beginning of the day to see what your student is going to be working on. It is also a good idea to check it at the end of the day to make sure they have completed all of the lessons on the planner for that day.

Marking Lessons Complete
This is when you are able to check to see if your student is keeping pace in their courses, doing the work with the appropriate level of efforts and time, and they are building foundational skills and knowledge.  Lessons may be marked from your Alerts section of your home page.

Checking the Gradebook
The gradebook is where you check on how your student is doing in their lessons.  You can click on the class, it will open to the lessons and you can check the time it takes them to take an assessment and  what they got right. 

To help with all of the webmail you receive from UCA and others, please make a folder for each of the subject teachers, misc. and events. Once you have read the webmail (first thing each day) move it to the correct folder. Please have your student make folders as well. This will help to keep the volume of webmail down and make them easier to find.

It is important that you stay in contact with your teachers.  There multiple ways to stay in touch: verbal, LiveLessons , webmail and through their website. Each of our teachers maintains their own website page. These pages, housed within this main school site ( are a way for our teachers to house all of their communications and important class information. Bookmark and review your teacher(s) pages regularly to ensure you are staying up to date with class news, custom assignments or other important things.

Find an area in your home that has good lighting and where you may work uninterrupted. Make sure you have a flat surface to use as your workspace that is free of noise and distractions. Keep your workspace clear of clutter and organized, and know that you will be working up to 6 hours each day.

Make sure that you log into YOUR login page. It is important that you complete your own work and it is submitted through your login page to receive credit for it being completed.

Read your webmail daily.  Teachers and Administration send you webmail to keep you informed of what is happening in their classes and in the school. Be sure to make folders for each teacher or subject so that you can stay on top of your webmail by moving them to folders.

Complete all the lessons that are on your planner daily. By doing every lesson on the planner everyday you will be able to complete the school work on-time. Please remember that there is no homework in UCA. When you finish your classes you are finished.  It is easier for most students to work on one day at a time instead of the whole week at once. 

Make sure that when you finish your lessons you complete the assessment to the best of your ability, save and finish and mark as complete.

There is a great new feature this year that will allow you to see what your teacher expects from you at the beginning of each lesson.  It is on the first page when you click on your lesson in the planner.

Attending LiveLessons (LL) will give you the opportunity to work with your teachers to learn the content  you are currently working on. Attending LL are strongly recommended for whole group and REQUIRED for targeted lessons.

The is where you can find all the information about our school. It is also where you can access all of your teachers information and the LiveLesson recordings.

Students will complete many parts of lessons right in the computer like Quick Checks, Skills Checks, Quizzes and Tests. Some lessons will require the Learning Coach and/or Student to submit a picture or work sample to the teacher through a Drop Box. If you have a scanner at home, scan the assignment in, save it to the computer and then attach it to the Drop Box. If you do not have a scanner, take a clear picture on your smartphone or digital camera, e-mail it to yourself, save it to the computer and then attach it to the Drop Box. At the end of the day, Learning Coaches need to login to their account and double-check all student(s) work to mark the lessons complete. 

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