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Calling All Gamers! 


Do you like Minecraft? Do you like making friends? Then UCA Gaming is the place for you! UCA Gaming is our school’s video game club. In this club, you will game alongside other UCA students and teachers! This year all students (Grades K-12) will be playing Minecraft! 

If you have any questions or would like to join UCA Gaming then please send Mrs. Troutini a webmail by Clicking Here

Joining Our Minecraft Server: 

Every week we play Minecraft on the UCA Gaming server. This means that our students will only be playing with other UCA students or faculty members! 

We will give out the server info during our weekly meetings! 

**Joining the server is easy if you are on PC or playing the mobile version of Minecraft. It is more difficult if you are playing on Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo.**

We have created some videos that might help you connect to our server

Check them out below:






How it Works:


The club meets once per week in Zoom. When we meet, we quickly go through any announcements and then introduce the challenge for that week! After that, we will open up the UCA Server and start playing. The UCA Server is a private server that is only accessible to UCA students and will be monitored closely by our teachers! Students will work together to complete challenges/objectives. Last year our students had an amazing time building a school, waterparks, gardens and so much more! We have some exciting things planned for this year! 


Note: Even if students are not able to join our server they are still welcome to join each week. We had several students last year that were unable to play online but still had fun interacting with their peers as they built in their own realm!



Learning Coaches (and students over 13!) consider joining our Remind group. Remind is a 100% free program that we will be using to communicate through text messaging. By joining Remind you will receive announcements about UCA Gaming and you’ll be able to send and receive messages to our gaming coaches! You can join Remind by clicking this link or by texting @ucagaming to the number 81010



UCA Gaming: Welcome

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