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ACT is March 19th, 2024
*could be different if you are testing at your local high school*

Please check your UCA State Testing Registration Data View.
This will have your testing time, location and a place to sign so we know you are coming.



How to create your Shmoop account for ACT Prep

1. Visit
2. Select Create Student Account.
3. Complete the form, including the following information:
  • a. Magic Word: TROOPER
  • b. Email Address:
    • Enter your email address. Shmoop uses email addresses primarily for password recovery and will not share your email address with outside parties.
    • To locate your student ID, navigate to your Connexus homepage and select Account Settings in the upper right-hand corner. In your Account Settings, you will see Profile for [Your Name] [Student ID] at the top of the page. The number next to your name is your student ID ​
4. Log in to Shmoop using your account information.
5. Select Join Classroom.
6. Enter the required information:
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Test Anxiety Resources
What is the ACT?

Juniors must create an ACT account before March 1st

Below is the link for each student to create their own account.

The Power of the ACT In Utah
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