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Max is in 7th grade here at Utah Connections Academy. He has been a student at UCA since Kindergarten! Max is a young man with many interests and hobbies. When he is not working on his schoolwork he can be found spending time with his family, practicing the cello, and clogging. He also enjoys school spirit days. To the left is a picture of Max on Crazy Hair Day!

Below you will find an example of a typical day at UCA for Max! photos (33).png

This is Max!

9:00 AM: 

Alexa wakes Max up to peppy music from the movie, “Vivo.”

Photo 1.jpg
Photo 2.jpg

9:10 AM:

Max joins his family at the table for a tasty breakfast. Oatmeal with brown sugar and maple syrup? Cream of wheat? Chocolate Chex?

9:40 AM:

Max and Mom, his primary Learning Coach, begin their studies. They work on Language Arts, Social Studies, and Ed Tech or Health/P. E. Max and his learning coaches love to learn together.

Photo 3.jpg
Photo 4.jpg

11:15 AM:

Max takes a 15-minute break. He likes to watch TV or play a video game.

11:30 AM:

Max returns to the computer to finish his lessons with his mom. Sometimes he works through lunch and eats during his lessons so that he can finish a little sooner. His favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich with milk to drink.

Photo 5.jpg
Photo 6.jpg

1:00 PM:

Max, Mom, and Ama do some strength training exercises. 

1:30 PM:

Time to resume school lessons. Max and Ama, his other Learning Coach, study Math, Science, and Art.

Photo 7.jpg

4:30 PM: 

Max practices his cello. Being a student at UCA allows Max to have an hour-long afternoon lesson one day a week with a renowned cellist, and have time to practice every day. He started cello lessons even before he started kindergarten.

6:00 PM:

Dinnertime! Max is eating his favorite dinner:  Spaghetti Alfredo. 

Photo 8.jpg
Photo 9.jpg

7:30 PM:

Max plays chess with Grandpa. He used the Ruy Lopez Opening to start the game.

9:30 PM:

Max and Mom enjoy reading together every night before bed. Max’s favorite book series is Potion Master.

Photo 10.jpg
Photo 11 (1).jpg

10:30 PM:

Lights out! It's time for sleeping. "Alexa, play relaxation music." 

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