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Welcome, Learning Coaches!
This page is meant to empower you. You will see that you are an essential component of your student's success! With your encouragement, your student will develop a deeper sense of accomplishment and accountability. We will work together to inspire your student in their learning journey to achieve their educational goals. We look forward to successfully fostering you and your student's journey at our school.


Please book an appointment with me so that I may help you learn our platform.

Jessica Porter

Family Communications Coordinator

Where Do I Start?

The Learning Coach Home Page

The Student Home Page



Seven Steps for Success 



What is a Virtual Student?


Quality Contacts

Running the Scheduler

Creating a block Schedule

Marking Attendance

Marking Lessons Complete

Checking the  Gradebook

Verify your Students Comprehension

Completing Overdue Lessons

Portfolios Tips for Learning Coaches

How to View Tabs Side-by-Side

Adding Files to the dropbox

Getting Started After the School Start



Benchmark Assessments

Confirming State Testing Registration

Growth Mindset

Academic Integrity

Citing Sources

School Handbooks:

Familiarize yourself with our school handbooks

The Honor Code:

Read through the honor code with your student

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