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Electives Eligibility

Students enrolled in grades K-8 who wish to participate* in an elective must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Enrolled 30+ days

  • Attendance status must be On Track

  • Overall score of 70% or better

  • All student start-up tasks are completed (teacher responsibility)

  • Student has 18 or fewer courses for the year

*Participation in K-8 electives is reserved only for those students who are performing and progressing adequately in their core subjects and have met all eligibility criteria. If the student is not ready to enroll in an elective at any point, the student can revisit his or her eligibility later in the school year.

How To Sign Up

If your student meets eligibility requirements, review the elective courses (listed below) and then contact your homeroom/advisory teacher to sign up. 

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