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School Starts In: 

Welcome Calls-Required For All



Every Student and Learning Coach at UCA


Starting August 9th (watch your webmail to book an appointment)



Phone call, Live Lesson or in Google Meet room


To welcome you back and go over important information. This call is required of all students and learning coaches as it will verify continued enrollment at UCA.


Discuss the learning commitment, review student courses and contact information, and answer any questions about the upcoming school year.


First Day of School

School Starts Tuesday, August 22nd

Learning Coaches:

  • Complete your Learning Coach orientation (if you haven't already). It will be on your to-do list.

  • ​Run student's scheduler so classes will populate on their planner

  • Read through Webmail messages

  • Review how to track attendance and begin marking it as your student completes work.

  • If you haven't had your required welcome call, please schedule it.


  • Log in to Connexus

  • Look at the lessons on your planner

  • View your Live Lesson Schedule 

  • Read through Webmail messages

  • Complete your student orientation (if you haven't already). It will be on your to-do list.

  • Start daily lessons and come up with a plan to stay on track and be successful. 

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Learning Commitment

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