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Erin Taylor

School Leader

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

We are so excited to welcome all the returning students and the new students to UCA.  It has been a true pleasure to speak with Learning Coaches and students in Welcome Calls and at our Information Sessions.  Our staff has been planning and preparing

for the launch of the school year and the first day did not disappoint.  We had a record number of students attending Live Lessons and logging on.  Teachers were exclaiming how excited they were to see so many students and to hear from them.

As you know, we have launched a new platform for our instruction and In and Out.  Zoom Class is like a sleek new race car that we are all excited to drive.  Why did we change?  The platform that we used previously would at times falter or not allow teachers to share their screen or embedded material.  Teachers and families asked for something better and we listened!  Zoom Class allows teachers to see all the students at one time, allows the teacher to share videos, apps or other embedded material without any interruption, it also allows the teacher to move students to breakout rooms and still monitor the rooms carefully.  No visitors or guests can enter the Live Lesson without teacher permission which means that our security is top notch.  Keeping our students safe and actively learning is our goal!


We realize that there will be some growing pains with the new platform and our new requirement around Live Lesson attendance.  The USBE requires virtual schools to ensure that students are accessing Live instruction being provided by highly licensed and trained teachers.  From this came our requirement.  With this rule in place, we know that a student cannot sit at their computer for hours at a time.  We suggest breaking it up with small breaks, some fun, a change of scenery.  Then come back and finish up.  If a Live Lesson had to be skipped today because there were too many back to back, pls access the recordings and do the assignment.  Parents are our partners and we want to all work together.


Our Clubs and Events are rolling out very soon and we are extremely excited to have rich offerings with these.  We are so grateful for our Parent Volunteers!  We need you and appreciate you.  If you would like to volunteer in an event or club, pls contact our school office at 801.298.6660 and we will make sure you are on our contact list.  Together, we are UCA Strong,

Let us know how we are doing, how your student is faring.  We are so grateful you have chosen UCA as your school of choice!  Let's have a wonderful year!

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UCA- Learning Commitment

This is a copy of UCA's three legs of responsibilities and covers the roles of the student, learning coaches and teachers at UCA

Utah Connections Academy students problem-solve, brainstorm ideas, and engage in 21st-century skills such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and digital literacy.

UCA students contribute ideas, share perspectives, and their experiences to cultivate a community of shared accountability and leadership.

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