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This page is designed to provide high school, college and career information and resources that, when completed, will help students actively plan and prepare to achieve their high school graduation and post-secondary goals.


Students are able to quickly locate basic school and grade level information, identify and understand student learning styles and high school planning and graduation information, and explore websites and participate in activities that will help the student become college and career ready.


Students can select links to resources found under specific sections on this page, as well as select the section link which will take them to a separate page that provides activities in which the student may participate, and areas for responses that allow students to self-reflect, identify and document secondary and post-secondary plans, and create a portfolio that will help the student transition from high school to either a college or a career.


To Access This Data View

Step 1-go to the main page in Connexus


Step 2-click on 'Links'


Step 3-type future focus in the filter


Step 4-click on the link to access

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