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Check out IN ‘N OUT Student Support: 


IN ‘N OUT is the easy place for every Jr. High and High School student to get help, ask questions, talk to their Advisor and Core Teachers (Math, English, Science & History).  


Students come to the IN ‘N OUT LiveLesson room and then go to breakout rooms where all Core Teachers and Advisors are available.  Bring whatever worries you, what you have questions about, what you need help with.  We can’t wait to see you!

More Info: 

WHEN:  Every day, Monday - Friday  2:00-3:00

WHERE: Class Live Lesson Room (link on planners)


WHY:  To offer a SIMPLE & CONSISTENT way for Students to get the help they need 


WHAT CAN STUDENTS EXPECT?: Students will be greeted by UCA Advisors & Teachers.  The Student will be prompted to type in a NOTE POD the name of the Teacher(s)  that they need to see.  The student will be placed in a BREAKOUT room with that teacher.  Once the student and teacher are done, the teacher will send students back to the main lobby or to another BREAKOUT room.  It is a friendly and easy way to get extra help or ask questions!

What Students Say
About In-N-Out

"It's a great environment where the staff and teachers are really supportive and want to help you succeed. They will put in as much effort as you put in. They are willing to bend over backwards for you. It's very much appreciated! :)" - Emma S.

It's a great community where you can receive help and engage with other classmates while waiting. Everyone is always so nice, and I've made many great friends. As well a big thanks to the I&O teachers, I've been able to better understand the materials within the lessons. I think this has been a great addition to the school. God bless~"
-Autumn G

Just want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all the teachers doing their job and working hard to help student succeed. I definitely loved being at In ‘n Out with all the teachers and students.
-Jewelorraine E


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