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How to Cope with Burnout

As a student and as human beings we have all dealt with burnout in school, work, or even our personal lives. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed it is hard to continue to work and strive to do our best. So I am here to give you some tips on how to cope with burnout.

My first tip is to take breaks in between tasks. As a student, I like to take a 5-minute break after each lesson I complete. This helps me reset my brain and relax for a short amount of time so that my brain can work efficiently. Breaks are effective for dealing with burnout because it gives you time to relax. Breaks don’t have to be hours long they can even just be a couple of short minutes for your body to reset.

My second tip is to try again later. What I mean by this is sometimes you are going to get to a point where your school or work feels impossible. I normally do my math tests late at night and I almost always end up getting frustrated because I was so tired from the rest of my day that I don’t the energy for my brain to work efficiently. Our brains like to tell us that we have to get a task done right away but that is not always true. Trying again at a later time is actually really good for your grades. It is better to take a long time to regain your energy than to do badly on an assignment because you just wanted to get it done. One of the special things about Connections Academy is the fact that you can leave a lesson for the next day. This allows students to take the time they need to recuperate and allows them to do better on assignments.

My third tip is to talk to your guidance counselor, your teachers, and your parents. These people are all in your life to help you succeed and do well. So if you are struggling with burnout talk to a teacher they can help you with some of the work that you get frustrated with. Sometimes with burnout, the problem is not the tasks it was

just the way it was explained to you. In my experience sometimes it just takes a different person to explain to you. If you are experiencing burnout in hard classes maybe talk to your guidance counselor to see if you can switch to an easier class or see if they have resources to make the class easier for you to do. The third option you have is to talk to your parents. They also probably experienced burnout and might have some helpful tips for you. Your parents also might be able to set up a schedule for you so that you don’t get burned out faster than you need to.

C. Christensen

9th Grade

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