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Flexibility at UCA

I like Utah Connections Academy because it allows me to have a flexible schedule. I am not a morning person. Because I do school online, I can choose to sleep in later in the morning. As long as I get the required number of lessons done in a day, I can do them whenever I want and in whatever order I choose.

One day, I could do math and science first and the next day I could start with language arts and social studies. I have been taking cello lessons for seven years. With the flexibility of online school, it makes it easier for my cello teacher to schedule my lessons because I can go at any time during the day. This year, I wanted to take my birthday off, so I did an extra lesson each day for a few days and then had no school on my birthday. I love being able to sleep in, make my own schedule, and choose days off.

Utah Connections Academy is awesome!

Max Oyewole

7th grade

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2 comentarios

Meggan Hansen
Meggan Hansen
21 abr 2022

Awesome Max. You have outlined our flexibility really well! Such a great advantage of our UCA model. Keep up the good work.

Me gusta

Jill Simonson
Jill Simonson
20 abr 2022

It was really smart of you to prepare ahead of time for your birthday, Max! I bet it was a great day!

Me gusta
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