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Maintaining School-Life Balance

One thing many of us online students struggle with is separating work and life. When we have access to school all the time, I know that it can be hard to push the pause button. I find that this happens to me most often when I am behind in lessons or need to work more. It is good to want to accomplish our goals and our assignments, but we can’t let this take over our lives. On the other side, sometimes, when we are doing school from home, we may feel a lack of motivation to complete assignments. Since we have access to school all the time, it is easy to procrastinate. Whatever you struggle with, achieving a work-life balance is hard. To help you out, here are some tips and tricks.

  1. Work in a room or area that is somewhat separate from the main area of the house. When you are there, you are working, and when you are not, you have stopped.

  2. Set small goals. For example, tell yourself that you will take a twenty-minute break once you have completed three lessons. This allows you to carefully measure out the time that you spend.

  3. Once you are done working, turn off your laptop, computer, or device. This allows you to tell yourself that you are done for the day.

  4. Make a checklist of everything school-related that you must accomplish that day. (The Planner on Connexus works great for this!) Then, estimate how long it will take you to complete. Set aside however many hours you believe you will need and work hard for that long. Once the time is up, try and be done for the day.

  5. Allow yourself breaks to exercise, eat, and do things for yourself. Balance is very important in our lives, and it is okay to take time for yourself!

Lucy G

10th Grade

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1 Comment

Gavin T
Gavin T
Mar 10, 2023

Those are really helpful thank you, I already try to do those things but I

struggle at times so a reminder is always nice - Gavin T. 7th grade

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