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The Importance of LiveLessons at UCA.

Hey UCA!

A big part of being in online school is live lessons. These are live classes where the teacher teaches a concept in real-time. Since online school is created to be flexible, these live classes are also recorded for students to watch later. Recordings are always a useful resource when you can’t attend a class, but when you can, joining a live lesson is the best option. Here is a list of reasons why attending a live lesson is beneficial!

1. Ask Questions and Get Help in Real Time

One positive of attending live lessons is that you can directly interact and communicate with your teacher as the lesson is being taught. This is especially helpful when you have questions or if you are learning a new concept. Math can be hard sometimes, which is why attending math live lessons are super useful. Working through problems as class helps you get a better grasp on concepts and improves your grade.

2. Interaction and Engagement

Live lessons are also a wonderful way to interact with your classmates and be more engaged in your learning. This is especially true in English where we discuss different stories we’ve read and our thoughts about them. It can be fun hearing about everyone's different takes and ideas, which makes me feel more involved in my learning. Discussions are always a great way to feel more engaged. In science classes, asking questions and having those discussions with classmates can introduce you to new concepts. 

3. Create a Schedule

Sometimes it can be so hard to sit down and get work done, especially when it's easier to just sleep in instead of working. Attending live lessons can actually help you get a better sense of schedule, and keep on top of your assignments. Knowing that I have a class to attend at 10:00, means that I can schedule my other lessons around it. This creates a structure or schedule to my day. Classes usually teach lessons according to the pacing guide. To follow along with a live lesson you will need to be on track. This motivates you to complete lessons on time so you don't have overdues. 

4. It Can be Fun!

Live lessons are also super fun. In live lessons there are a lot of activities we do as a class which creates a more interactive learning environment. We play games such as Kahoot, Gimkit, and Nearpod which are awesome ways to learn and review while still having fun! Playing with classmates or simply having a fun discussion can make learning a more engaging process for everyone! 

In conclusion, recordings are great for flexibility, but try to attend live lessons whenever you can for a more engaging learning experience! 

Blog Post by Aroosh

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Shannon Winzenread
Shannon Winzenread
Feb 14

One of the best parts about UCA is that we have Live Lessons with amazing teachers. As an advisor, I see that the students who regularly attend Live Lessons are students who have a better understanding of the content in their classes. BUT, Live Lessons do SO much more too! They are foundational in fostering a connection and relationship between the teachers and students. So many of my students get to know their teachers' personalities in the Live Lessons and that helps them feel comfortable asking for help when they need more support.


Cindy Sparks
Cindy Sparks
Feb 14

Live lessons are such a fantastic part of our online school here at UCA. As a teacher, I enjoy gathering my students to investigate and help them "think mathematically"! These important sessions allow us to step away from the curriculum and apply what we're learning to our everyday lives. Remember that recordings are available for all students but as Aroosh reminded us, you'll get so much more if you attend live. Make a goal to log into these sessions each time they appear on your Student Planners!

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