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The Testing Experience at UCA

I know testing can be a very nerve-racking experience so I am here to help you

understand more about what it will be like. I have gathered a few questions that are

frequently asked and am here to answer them.

Does state testing happen in person?

Currently, ACT/SAT, RISE, and Aspire must be taken in person.

Will I be able to see my friends at the testing site?

I am happy to say that some students are able to see their friends in person. If you live

in the same area you will most likely have to book the same building. I know that my

sister got to see her best friend for the first time in three years.

How long did testing take?

I am a freshman in high school which means I had to take four tests. It took about four

hours to complete all of them. Although the amount of time differs for every student.

Teachers say to expect your students to be there for 3-5 hours.

Are there breaks?

I know 3-5 hours is a long time to be testing. There is a lot of mental strain that comes

with any testing which is why we have breaks. I personally used my break to eat lunch

and stretch a little.

Overall state testing may be scary to some but there will be staff there to ensure that

you have everything you need. This is a great chance to meet some of your classmates

in person for the first time. There is nothing to be worried about, just do your best.

If you are looking for more information click the link to see the 2021-2022 plan for

state testing that our wonderful staff at UCA has made.

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Meggan Hansen
Meggan Hansen

Great information! Thanks for sharing.



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