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Who and What We're Thankful for this Year!

I am thankful to be a part of a community that embraces an alternative way to learn, interact and be successful. UCA offers students and families a place where they can be themselves, be safe, be supported and be recognized. UCA offers staff the opportunity to work with a team focused on students and each other. We all benefit from being a part of UCA!
Erin Taylor M.Ed
UCA School Principal

I have been wanting to write this for quite some time, and I'll most likely send this to all of the teachers close to the end of the year. For the past 9 years The teachers and staff at UCA have helped me so much. In 2014, When I first entered this school I was failing so badly that my previous school wouldn't give me a proper grade. Starting at this school I hated it, I was redoing the fourth-grade, I had no friends and it was a really hard time. However I worked hard and with a lot of tears throughout the years, each year I've only gotten better with school. I used to think that I wouldn't be able to do anything I wanted to because of how poorly I did in school, however, everyone at UCA kept encouraging me. Now as I'm going to be graduating this spring I have nothing but Gratitude For UCA. I want the entire school to know just how thankful I am for helping me get to this point and for always doing the best they can.

God bless you all~

Autumn G

I am thankful that i am able to be a part of UCA and have an amazing teacher.
-Ava L

Miss Malan has been a good help with me i would never be as grateful enough to have her help.

Dallas 5th Grade

I am thankful to the UCA teachers and staff for all they do for us! Thank you UCA for making school fun and exciting, and thank you for all y'all do!

I am thankful for UCA school because they always help me in my lessons and make them fun and easy.

I am so thankful for all the opportunities given to me by UCA. As well as the amount of help all the teachers and staff gave me last year and this year! I want to thank everyone who has been super kind and friendly with me; I have learned much from them. I also wanted to thank the UCA news team for allowing me to be there and supporting
everyone there! They are incredible people; I will never forget all the moments we have had.
-Yesenia S.

Why I'm Thankful to be a UCA Student- By Charli C. (9th Grade)

As an athlete, I can not describe how thankful I am for the flexibility of the UCA
schedule. I often go on early morning bike rides or have swim practices or swim meets
during the middle of the day. With the flexibility of the UCA schedule I can easily make
up any classes I might have missed or even get ahead so that I won’t have to make up
classes. Sometimes I have days where I am not able to do as much school and don’t
complete all my lessons. The UCA schedule allows me to make up school the next day
or even over the weekend. With in-person school, I normally felt a lot of stress making
up assignments or missing school, afraid that I would miss something important. With
UCA there isn’t an immense amount of pressure to finish within that specific school day.

Another thing I am grateful for as a UCA student is the fact that I can easily make
corrections to almost any assignment. This means that if I don’t do great on a portfolio,
test, quiz, or even sometimes a quick check, all I have to do is go to the teacher's
website and click on the correction form. This makes school much easier because if I
get a bad grade I have the chance to improve it instead of worrying about the bad grade
I would ordinarily be stuck with.

The last thing I am grateful for is the LiveLessons. I really enjoy showing up to
LiveLessons as I can see my friends and get help from the teachers. LiveLessons are
helpful especially if you are struggling with a lesson. Most teachers end up going over
lessons in the LiveLesson so that students can do the lessons with the teacher instead
of all by themselves.

As you can see there are many benefits to being a UCA student. Whether it’s the
flexibility, the easy corrections to assignments, or the benefits of LiveLessons there is
always a reason to be thankful for the wonderful opportunities you can have at UCA!
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